Our Salesforce Services Help You Grow!

What We Can Do For You

Streamline can meet your Salesforce needs many different ways: as consultants, coaches, implementors, or customizers.
When you contact us for an initial discussion, we’ll listen carefully to hear your goals and budget, and then provide a proposal customized to your business.

Capabilities & Services


We have a consistent, time-tested approach.  Projects stay on time and on budget.


We can develop custom functionality using Apex and Visualforce.

Classroom Teaching

Book a conference room, or we’ll find a classroom nearby. We’ll spend 4, 6, or 8 hours training new users on your specific Salesforce configuration.

One-on-One Coaching

In person or over the phone, we’ll provide individualized teaching that best meets the learning style and role of the student.

Which Approach Fits You Best?

To help you understand our general approach to Salesforce consulting, we’ve developed customizable packages that generally describe how we approach these scenarios:


You are new to Salesforce with no pre-existing implementation, but a clear need for a scalable CRM.


You have an existing Salesforce org but feel that you are not getting the bang for your buck.  We can give it a tune up so your users use it properly and become more efficient.


Want to learn more about how Salesforce can help manage your sales and service organizations?  We can teach you how.

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During our consultation, we will determine which level of service fits you best, or develop a custom plan just for you.